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SCH and the 3C Buyer Pipeline Collaborative Want To Streamline Your Homebuying Journey

Spanish Coalition for Housing is partnering with vetted local developers and national organizations to give you a better chance of buying your dream home in Humboldt Park and East Garfield Park.

We’re teaming up with The Chicago Community Trust (CCT) and other local nonprofits to build new opportunities for longtime neighborhood residents. This hyperlocal program will help people like you build generational wealth through homeownership.

This new program, the 3C Buyer Pipeline Collaborative, centers around a few ideas that will boost homeownership rates in the two target neighborhoods. The first is outreach. Area partners are spreading the word about this initiative so that everyone can participate in this amazing opportunity.

Secondly, organizations including SCH will give you homebuyer education and counseling to get you mortgage ready. Setting up a meeting with our HUD-certified housing counselors is the first step towards taking advantage of these opportunities.

Lastly, we’re working with developers to increase the supply of affordable housing to help accomplish that dream.

We hope to create hundreds of new homeowners while informing more people of the opportunities including assistance with down payments, credit repair, and more.

SCH is uniquely qualified to accomplish our objectives. The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Minority Serving Institutions Initiative has recognized us as a national leader in this space.

We’ve trained housing counseling organizations nationwide in partnership with UnidosUS and HUD. In September 2023 alone, we coached organizations from cities including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Miami, Brooklyn, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We’ll have more information about this initiative soon. For now, if you need help with buying your first home, keeping your home out of foreclosure, or preventing eviction, feel free to fill out the contact form on our homepage!

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