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Register to attend a Workshop 
(Virtual or In-person)

Orientation (an introduction to homeownership) topics include:

  • Understanding mortgage loans and downpayment assistance 

  • Financial planning

  • Tips on how best to prepare for homebuying

First- time Homebuyer Workshop

(Two-part Series required for HUD Certification) topics include:

  • Budget preparation

  • Credit history evaluation

  • Loan packaging

  • Selecting a home

  • Financing your home

Landlord Certification topics include: ​

  • Landlord Obligations

  • Leases and Contracts

  • Notices and background checks

  • Laws to abide by​

  • This training is often required for first time landlords

Landlord Training topics

include: ​

  • Property Tax Appeals

  • Eviction Process

  • Mortgage assistance programs 

  • Full Q&A to answer your questions

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